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BLMC Discusses Self-defense, Non-Nonviolence In the Face of rightist attack

BY: Karen Tanveer BLMC Correspondent CINCINNATI, Ohio — Saturday, August 26th, Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati (BLMC) hosted a presentation and discussion on “why BLMC is NON-non-violent” to an overflowing audience of around 150 people at Peaslee Center. Presenters, Dru Goebel and Brian Taylor,  laid out what is happening right now with the escalation of white […]


BLMC Sends Solidarity to Anti-White Supremacist and Anti-Fascist Fighters in Charlottesville, VA

In early August, Charlottesville, Virginia saw a fear campaign by white supremacists and fascists. Thousands of Nazis, KKK members, and other white fascist groups (aka the “alt right”) descended on areas surrounding the University of Virginia to intimidate residents, who rightfully supported the removal of a shrine to a racist Confederate leader. On the night […]